Southern Ontario warmth continues until Colorado low hits

Looks like old man winter is attempting to make one more run at us according to the weather forecast. But it doesn’t look like he will be successful.

After a passing low brought showers, and at-times briefly torrential rainfall, on Tuesday, Wednesday morning was moist and with widespread fog, with fog advisories stretching from the southwest through to cottage country and east of the GTA.

Though the fog began burning off after sunrise in the extreme southwest, more easterly areas could see fog until noon, and potentially even beyond, thick enough to seriously reduce visibility.

All this ahead of a warm-up set to push temperatures back up to the mid-teens, and even the high-teens by Thursday for more southwesterly areas.

But cooler temperatures will return eventually, and with it more active weather. See below for details.

Weather Report


Friday Temps Ontario - Baron - 17-02-21